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 Flash Light Ear pick
Often difficulties when cleaning earwax beloved child because of lack of lighting? With this tool you do not need anymore trouble. Earpick is equipped with a LED light that can shed light on the ear. * Enable you to take ear wax with the aid of a bright light at the end of the earpick * Earpick can be changed as needed (including 2 earpick with different sizes and a tweezer to clamp) * Elegant appearance designed specifically to fit the human ear ..
Rp.8,400.00, Ex Tax: Rp.8,400.00,
Axon hearing aids K-80 is small and also have a clear voice .When you watch a movie, play, meet friends, learn in the classroom, this product helps you hear clearly and firmly. specification      Max sound output: 110 + - 5dB      Sound gain:> = 30dB      Total harmonic wave distortion: <= 10%      Frequency range: 300-400Hz      Input noise: <= 40dB      Voltage: 1.5V dc      Current: = <4mA      ..
Rp.300,000.00, Ex Tax: Rp.300,000.00,
Cotton bud
cotton bud is a tool that is used to clean the ears daily with a soft, clean cotton ..
Rp.2,700.00, Ex Tax: Rp.2,700.00,
Hearing Aid CTS 909 (Kabel)Harmed
Hearing Aid CTS 909 (Cable) Harmed HARMED Super Hearing CTS-909 (Cable Series), is a hearing aid with a wired earpiece, made ​​by high quality Technology Germany to assist a person with hearing impairment. specifications: - Max Out: 130 ± 5dB - Max Gain: 62 ± 5 - Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 8% (AT 1000Hz) - Equivalent Input Noise: ≤ 28dB - Frequency Range: 300Hz-4000Hz - Voltage: 1.5V - Current: ≤ 6.8mA - Hearing aid coil sensitivity> 100dB ..
Rp.132,480.00, Ex Tax: Rp.132,480.00,
Hearing Aid CTS 99 (tanpa kabel) Harmed
Gangguan fungsi pendengaran bukan hanya menjadi masalah bagi orang yang berusia lanjut saja, namun juga sudah dirasakan mulai dari bayi, anak hingga remaja. Agar gangguan fungsi pendengaran ini tidak menganggu aktivitas, saat ini kami menyediakan alat bantu dengar buatan Jerman dengan merk “ HARMED” . Specification : Max Out 126± 5dB, Max Gaim 55± 5, Total Harmonic Dist d6% ( AT 100 Hz) , Equiv Input Noise d28dB, Frequency Range 300Hz-4000Hz, Voltage 1.5V / 1.3V, Current d3.1 mA/ 2.2mA, Zinc Battery ..
Rp.142,800.00, Ex Tax: Rp.142,800.00,
Hearing Aid Kabel Vinmed
Alat bantu dengar / hearing aid vinmed .. Best hearing aid kualitas terbaik hearing technology japan tingkat kebisingan rendah sekali membantu masalah pendengaran ,, vin med best hearing ,, hearing aid bagus .. Alat bantu dengar terbaik harga terjangkau ... ..
Rp.126,000.00, Ex Tax: Rp.126,000.00,
YELLOW earplug used to cover the ear / ears from the noise. Spesification : Yellow Classic Soft energy absorbing polymer foam Available with cord Compatible with other PPE Moisture resistant Recyclable Reusable Slow recovery foam Available in dispenser Noise reduction at high 30db Medium 24db Low 22db   ..
Rp.2,400.00, Ex Tax: Rp.2,400.00,